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Thursday, August 10, 2017

I Miss You, GO-JEK.

You know what I really really miss from lndonesia ever since I moved to Switzerland. It starts with G.

Yup. I miss GO-JEK.

Life is made soooooo much easier with the presence of the GO-JEK app. I mean, what did I NOT do without GO-JEK? I send my work documents via GO-SEND. I ask online shops to send my purchased goods using GO-SEND on the same day. I order my favorite food using GO-FOOD. I sometimes buy Shahmeer’s milk and diapers using GO-MART when I’m too lazy to drive to the supermarket. I get my weekly massages using GO-MASSAGE. And when I am that lazy to wash my own hair, I call the GO-GLAM lady. OMG!

As a person who mostly works from home, this has made everything possible. Hidup tanpa batas. Berkarya tanpa hambatan. Bekerja tanpa perlu kena macet. I also remember that when I was still pregnant of Daria, my pregnancy cravings were easily fulfilled because all of my favorite sushi and bubble teas were on the app. My hubby did not need to go out and get them for me. He just needs to pay the abang GO-JEK! :D

On days when I have a full-day photoshoot, I frown less because I can order desserts and snacks using GO-FOOD and don’t have to rely on the food served by the agency. And when I need to send a document from the photoshoot location, I can just ask the GO-SEND guy to pick it up from the studio and send it to whoever I need to. You see what this means? GO-JEK has made working from home AND working mobile very easy and most importantly, possible. Oh how I miss this app so much.

Now that I’m here, I have made sure that my parents back in Indonesia are GO-JEK savvy too. Last time I chatted with them, dad shared a pic of a martabak he ordered using GO-FOOD... :D

What about you, guys? Do you use GO-JEK too? Dengan GO-JEK,  nikmati hidup tanpa batas, satu aplikasi untuk berbagai macam kebutuhan. Yuk gunakan aplikasi GO-JEK sekarang! :)

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Park Days

Such a nice feeling to breathe the outside air when you're busy breastfeeding almost every hour hehe. No confinement for me, my family is so relaxed we don't follow the Asian tradition when it comes to this. I even went out with my baby when she was still 1 week old. I guess whatever works for you is the best for you. And if it makes me happy, the better it is for my breastmilk production, yes? :D

And hey hey, I can already fit into these jeaaannsss woohoooooooo! :)

Zara top, Schmiley Mo jeans, Coach bag, Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses, Up earrings and sandals

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Baby's First Trip To Geneve

We made it! Haha! I was pretty nervous to bring Daria somewhere quite far from home, but turns out Daria was just calm and good. So happyyyyyy...:)

Schmiley Mo shirt dress, Chanel bag, Up sneakers

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Lead The Way

Everything echoes with the voice inside our heads. The universe, it harmonizes with our thoughts. Always believe that we are in control, not the other way around.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Happy 1 Week Old, Baby Girl! :)

She's a week old todaaaay. Things are getting better, I'm able to deal with things calmer and happier alhamdulillah. My girl friends gave me lots of advice that made me feel lighter and realize that all mothers go through the same thing, so we just gotta be strong and stay calm. Daria and Shahmeer, I love you both so so much! Muah! :)

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Hello, Wooooorrrrllldddd!

Alhamdulillah ya Allah, the most precious gift from Allah has finally arrived and her name is Daria Richelle! Our baby giiiirrlllllll! :)

The name 'Daria' originates in Greek language and means "owner of goodness". Daria or Dariya is an indirect Quranic name for girls that means good-mannered, lady-like, intelligent, perceptive. Meanwhile, 'Richelle' is a female French name. It originates in Germanic language and means "daring power" or "brave ruler". I chose the name myself and proposed it to hubby, which took a while for him to approve heheh. Anyway, Daria was born on Sunday, July 23rd, 2017. So she's 4 days old today! Yay! You know what's interesting? Both Daria and I are born on a 23rd, and on a Sunday too. Ha! :)

Even though it's been 4 days only, it hasn't been so easy specifically for me. Aside from the physical pain post natural-birth (e.g. it really hurts to sit and walk) and having my breast swollen as breast milk starts flowing, I can feel it to my bones and see it through Shahmeer's eyes of how sad and jealous he is. I didn't know this was going to be the difficult part. Everyday I cry when I am alone. I see his eyes in my head, and I know what those eyes mean; a look that purely shows an unconditional love of a boy to her mother and his fear of losing me. And I feel just the same way. Somehow, I am also sad because my love for him will be shared, even though I will always love him just as much. I kiss him and hug him every time I can, but he always acts cold. But in the night, he would come to me and sleep on my legs. You see, even typing this made me cry. I don't know how to describe it in words, but I just love Shahmeer very very very much. Having him as an only child for the past three years has created such a strong beautiful bond between just us, and I myself need to learn to make space for some more love and teach him that too. InshaaAllah both Shahmeer and Daria will make great siblings and we all love each other very much too. Amin ya Allah.

See you later, blog! Gotta feed my baby girl. Nice chatting with you! :)

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